Joint Ventures


Today was the day of joint ventures with my daughter. In theory, I think one of the best things about being able to stay home with her is that we get to do crafty and homey things together, all of which boost her self-confidence, occupy her time productively, and teach her basic skills. In reality, I’ve been known to sneak downstairs and bake cookies while she’s taking a nap, just to avoid her “help.” Because some days it’s a wee bit more than I can take! But I took a deep breath today and we worked together (wearing matching aprons, no less) to make her Dad’s birthday cake. I guided her patiently through cleaning up the egg she dropped on the floor, I let her wipe all the batter off her own face post-bake, and I know she’s going to feel great tonight when we cut it open and enjoy the fruits of “her” hard work. We baked this Tunnel of Fudge cake, and it smells marvelous!

Our other project today (pictured above) is a dress for my niece, who will be turning three in a couple weeks. Dorothy drew a picture of herself with her cousin, I scanned it and printed it on iron-on transfer paper with a pretty border, and ironed it on a dress I made out of an old, soft sheet (dress is adapted from Simplicity 5695). The trim fabric was in my grandmother’s stash before she died, which makes it feel like yet another set of loving hands contributed to this birthday project. My favorite part about this project is the relative size of the two girls in Dorothy’s portrait–notice that although the two are actually 10 months apart in age and virtually the same in physical size, the Dorothy in the drawing is much bigger than her cousin. That was no accident on the part of the illustrator, I assure you. In any case, hopefully my niece will like it, and there is no doubt that my kid will love gifting it.

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