We stayed in to avoid the "snow"


Today was a homey day of small projects and staying in. Dorothy asked first thing this morning what we were doing, and when I told her we were staying home all day she said, “yippie! I will not change out of my pajamas ALL DAY!” And thus far she hasn’t. I’ve been at the sewing machine all day, wrapping up a series of small projects. (For the record, I did get dressed.) These little shirts are mostly hand-me-downs that I decided to embellish. I’m not really into the sports-themed clothes for baby boys, so over generic sports slogans and pictures of balls I stitched fun vintage advertisements and clipart. (The Volkswagen ones are scans of ads I bought on eBay several years ago, when we were decorating Rob’s home office in Chicago. The others are Dover clipart.) I used printable fabric and fusible webbing.

Next project was a new cover for my nursing pillow. Dorothy was never very spitty, so I wasn’t going to make (or buy) a change for this one, but since I still have time left and fabric on hand, I went ahead and made an extra case. If the new guy is spitty, I’m sure I’ll be glad I have one for the wash and one on the pillow. I also like that this fabric looks pretty good in my living room, which is where the pillow mostly hung out before, so it doesn’t scream “BABY THING HERE” when one walks into the room and sees it on the sofa. (I know, it’s an uphill battle, but I like to pretend I can keep a house that at least still looks like grown-ups live here too, maybe?)

Today’s other project was Rob’s new baby sling. It’s the plaid, and I hung it up on the closet door next to the bag my new mei tai is in. I think the fabric looks very fatherly. I made Rob a camo sling last time, affectionately known as the “baby holster” and it got great use, but I was never very happy about the coarse fabric on that one. This one is much softer and should be easier to wear. I hope he likes it! One of my favorite photos from Dorothy’s infancy is a picture of Rob in hiking gear walking down a woodsy trail with his “baby holster” on, and Dorothy’s tiny little toes just peeking out as she naps on Dad’s chest through Bernheim Forest. More fun baby-wearing times ahead, I hope!

Finally, this is what Dorothy worked on for most of the day. Amazon.com recently sent me an enormous and wonderful cardboard box, and Dorothy transformed it from car to animal cave to cozy bed and more over the course of the afternoon. Here she is with markers making the initial transformation (box to car) before she drove off.

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I'm a homeschooling mother of three in Louisville, Kentucky. I love doing things for myself when I can, making things from scratch when it's fun, my family, my dog, and traveling. https://theresnoplacelikehomemade.com/

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