Valentine’s Day


A very nice Valentine’s Day (thus far) for us, and I hope everyone else is having the same! Dorothy is modeling her new Valentine’s dress here, but today she actually wore it over a pair of pants and shirt so that she could also wear her new sparkly Valentine socks. I did not make the socks, but the little dress is out of the same pattern and former bedsheet as her cousin’s (below) with a clip-art transfer image ironed on the front. It’s cute on her, even over a full other outfit!
Dorothy and I went to church and then out for Indian food with my parents this morning and gave Rob some quite time at home to catch up on work. While we were walking through the mall with my folks, Dorothy saw the LUSH store at Macy’s and announced, “Mom! That’s where Daddy and I bought your Valentine surprise!” She’s not really so good at keeping surprises, that little one of mine. 🙂 So hopefully I’ll enjoy a nicely-scented bath tonight after we polish off our mama-made heart-shaped pizzas and pink cupcakes, decorated by Dorothy.

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