Retro shrinky fun!

Daughter and I are suffering from some cabin fever lately. I actually don’t mind having to stay inside on these obnoxiously cold and snowy days, being oh-so-pregnant, but Dorothy is really done with the cozy indoors. So yesterday we spent almost all day out running errands (in our newly fixed car–hooray!) and we came home with some new projects to try. I bought shrinky plastic from a crafts store and we went to town with permanent markers and the toaster oven, and now each have a collection of new shrinky plastic jewelry. So 1980s! I’m not sure I ever felt like there was a lack of shrinky plastic jewelry in my life, but we’ve certainly had a great time making it, and the materials were cheap. I’m not sure which part Dorothy likes best–watching the shrinking in the toaster oven, or using mom’s (usually forbidden) permament markers. I made the earrings above using a circle paper punch on the unbaked film. The little holes for wire are made using a regular paper hole punch. The pair below seems almost unbearably retro to me, but I realized last week I didn’t have any heart-shaped earrings to wear on Valentine’s Day (because why would I, really?), so now I do. Dorothy’s charms we strung on colored embroidery floss for her to wear as necklaces, but she is not inclined to pose in them for pictures right now. They are cute, though, and it’s been quite fun to have something new to do inside.

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