Gifts for a girl baby


The last couple days’ projects have been for someone else’s new baby, one that is already born. One of Rob’s coworkers had a baby girl and I’ve been crafting for her. I made a little quilt (above, in progress) that is now done and in the washing machine. Like the one I made our little guy, it is just simple strips of fabric and I’ve machined it to the flannel lining and soft cotton backing. I used fabrics I already had on hand, and I really like the way they came together.
I also crocheted this hat (this pattern), which is a quick project with nice results. I’ve made a couple in other colors for our baby and can’t wait to use them. The yarn for this hat is a nice ashy rose color–the picture really doesn’t do it justice. It’s a soft washable wool/acrylic blend and very stretchy, should be great for a baby. After working on it last night before bed, I had dreams that my own baby surprised us by being a girl!
Now I just hope we have to send these gifts to Friday’s shower with someone else, because we’ll be in the hospital cuddling our own! Although at my 39.5 week doctor visit today, I scheduled my 40.5 week visit, which was a bit discouraging. She’d induce me beginning next week if I wish, but I can’t help thinking the baby should be able to pick his own birthday, even if I wish he’d hurry up. I don’t see any reason to go all nuclear on him yet–he should come out in his own time. (But don’t get me wrong, I’m impatient!)

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