March Madness


So Louisville lost last night, but not before we got the chance to deck both kids out in their Cardinals finery and snap a few pics. We took our evening walk through the neighborhood with them dressed like this (although Worth didn’t show, being in the mei tai) and someone commented on our “little guy,” meaning Dorothy. Oops! She’s been getting this a lot since she cut off her hair–the repeated gender mistakes might be the best insurance against her doing it again!
Worth’s scary law school parrot gear (Dorothy re-named the Cardinal once she was old enough to recognize it, so we’ll probably call it that forever) was homemade. The crocheted hat is soft and cozy and actually sized for next year. I didn’t use a pattern, but it’s just a basic HDC hat with regular increases, and then I added extra little bitty rows on each side for earflaps. I bought the applique on eBay. His diaper cover is wool, this pattern, and works very well. So far wool seems to be a good choice for him since he’s such a heavy wetter. The newborn size looked huge to me when I was making it, but it fits him perfectly. The blanket is just a cut of fleece with fringed edges and was Dorothy’s when she was our smallest Louisville fan.

Now my disclaimer: I had him dressed in IU gear last week, but it wasn’t homemade so it didn’t make the blog! I’m still a Hoosier at heart, although I cheer for my home team as long as they aren’t playing each other. 🙂

About homemaderenata

I'm a homeschooling mother of three in Louisville, Kentucky. I love doing things for myself when I can, making things from scratch when it's fun, my family, my dog, and traveling.

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