Taggy Mat


All morning Dorothy has entertained herself by “teaching” Worth tricks. She hops around and strikes fancy poses that seem to be a cross between ballet class, Fancy Nancy, and SNL’s Mary Katherine Gallagher (sorry, Dorothy). Fortunately, these antics actually seem to be entertaining to Worth, so it’s a match made in heaven. In this picture he’s making use of her handiwork, if not her lessons. He’s lying on a playmat we made him before he was born, inspired by a project in SouleMama‘s book Handmade Home. Dorothy used fabric markers to decorate the fabric I used for the top. She took time and care to illustrate our family members and even our car for him, so he’d know all about his new life. My favorite part, which I don’t think you can see in the picutre, is that all the figures have big circles around them (kind of like saints?) that she will only tell me is their “power.” Cool! The mat has ribbon tags sewn all around the edges for his entertainment when he gets a bit older.
Worth is also sporting a shirt Dorothy tie-dyed for him, and a soaker from Katrina’s Sew Quick pattern in fleece (made by me). He’s out of the extra-small diapers now and into our small stash, and these seem to be doing a much better job of not leaking. Hooray for no leaks!

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