Tea pops and a zoo trip


First, tea pops. I made cold sweetened herbal tea to serve at Dorothy’s birthday party last week and had quite a bit left over. I usually drink tea unsweetened, and it didn’t taste good to me with all the sugar. I decided to use the leftovers to make popcicles. I have to say, they are pretty good. A little bit of a grown-up popsicle, although Dorothy totally loves them too. The only bad thing is that the sugar kind of gravitated toward the center, so the middle of the popsicle tastes sweeter than the outside. Still, cold and refreshing and not make of Kool-Aid!

We took our first family zoo trip of the season today, and the first one ever for baby Worth. Dorothy proudly wore her zoo bag (see last post) the entire time, and also sported her gorilla necklace. She also “took notes” in her notepad, walking along asking “how do you spell crocodile?” and jotting down wobbly letters. It was really ridiculously cute. It was sad to not see the baby gorilla. The baby was injured last week, apparently by the father. Totally horrifying. I felt a kinship with Mama Gorilla since our babies were born around the same time, and I just felt chilled going through the gorilla exhibit. Of course the baby was not on exhibit, and I don’t know if the mother is being allowed with her baby or not. If not, what are they feeding it? And what is happening with her milk? It bothers me more than it probably should.
I’ve been taking tons of pictures of the kids as the weather turns nice and Worth changes every day. I’ve been unhappy for while with the quality of prints I’ve been picking up at Walgreens or ordering through places like Snapfish, so I’m in search of a better option. This week I ordered from mpix.com, and I like them much better than others I’ve tried. If anyone has suggestions, I’d be happy to hear about them. I like the matte finish and the consistent color quality (at least in my first order) from Mpix. I usually just order photo books from Blurb.com for our regular albums, but sometimes you need real prints to hand out or frame.

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I'm a homeschooling mother of three in Louisville, Kentucky. I love doing things for myself when I can, making things from scratch when it's fun, my family, my dog, and traveling. https://theresnoplacelikehomemade.com/

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  1. Renata, I was horrified to hear and read about the Gorilla baby. We saw the baby up close when she was 2 weeks old. I did feel (at the time), that having the baby in with the Silverback male was odd. As of this weekend, the baby had been reunited with Mom. (I read)Happy Easter!

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