Pesto from scratch, part 1


A few weeks ago I started some basil seeds in a little windowsill terrarium I have. I’m not really gardening this year–not even tomatoes–because I still hold out hope we’ll move this summer, so I’ve decided just to do a few short-term and portable container projects instead. The little basil plants were outgrowing the terrarium and their pots, so Dorothy and I fixed them up with a new home on the front porch. We repurposed some half-gallon yogurt containers as pots by poking some drainage holes in the bottom. We brushed all-purpose glue on sections, then stuck on colorful squares of tissue. The pots are cute and Dorothy enjoyed the project. Today we transplanted the little plants to our pots and gave them a new home on the front porch. I used soil pellets (expensive but unmessy) that Dorothy loved watching expand in my mop bucket, and Dorothy declared that basil is stinky. Now I hope the little plants enjoy life on the front porch for a few weeks, and then I’ll enlist my small one’s help again to make some pesto.

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