Upcycled jeans and a shirt


Change of seasons means some re-purposing of clothing. These jeans fit everywhere but length, where they were just too long. Long jeans used to be nice when I’d wear tall shoes or boots, but these days tall shoes or boots just seem like a good way to drop a little person from higher up, so I’m mostly sticking with flats. (Someone needs to do an “evolution” chart showing how women go from cute shoes to mom shoes over the course of the decade from, say, 22 to 32 or so.) So I cut off the bottoms of the jeans and turned them into cropped pants, then added some fun fabric and ribbon to embellish them. With the legs of my jeans looking so cute, who will notice my sensible shoes? (Unless I forget again and wear the pink Crocs.)

And this shirt (minus the fleur de lis) was calling my name at Target for $5, so I bought it and took it home and made it my own. Suitable for showing civic pride in Louisville, New Orleans, or any of those other cities that claim this classic logo as their own.

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