Yes sir, yes sir, five bags full!


OMG, I bought five big bags full of old sheets today at Unique Thrift! I love that store, but the last few times I’d been in the linens selection felt really picked over. Today I went in (Monday is 25% off day!) and made a huge score. I’d been looking for some yellow floral prints with a 70s vibe, because the room Dorothy wants in the house we hope to buy has some crazy yellow 70s flowery wallpaper and Dorothy loves it. She won’t even allow discussion of taking it down. So I was thinking that maybe the best decorating choice is just going to be to embrace the look and make her a quilt of similar-era prints in a color palette of yellows, golds, and a few greens for pop. Because her current lavender/peach/lime green set is just not going to work there.

And voila! After keeping an eye out at thrift stores for months, I found a huge stash of sheets that fit the bill. They go together better in real life than the picture conveys. I considered that it might be bad luck to have purchased them, knowing that we might not actually get the house we want (since we still haven’t sold ours) but I decided to embrace some positive thinking, and that the worst case scenario is that I spent next to nothing on fabric and got a funky quilt out of it, and you can never have too many funky quilts, even if it doesn’t end up in use as a bedspread at that particular house.

But I didn’t buy five bags of just endearingly outdated yellow florals–I also found the endearingly outdated prints above (hello, new summer shirt for me!), a sheet that I swear looks just like the Liberty of London prints, and a terrific stash of boy-appropriate prints that I may use for linens in a bedroom for Worth in a future home, or maybe for little boy clothes and baby accessories.

I’ve got the flush of a successful hunter who just landed some big prey! But don’t laugh–if buying outdated used sheets by the bagful isn’t your thing, then, well, I’m glad because next 25% off day you won’t get them first. 🙂

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