A first swim


Since Dorothy ended up being available after all on Friday she got to make more beautiful beaded things. She made a lovely long necklace for me which I’ve been wearing with pride. (Although I can’t decide–is it better to have a child use the standard neon plastic beads and then wear her artwork knowing everyone will know it was made by a child, or better do to as I did and let her use “grown-up” beads, giving the final product a quirky and mismatched look for which there is no obvious explanation?) She also fashioned something that I never though of myself in all my years of beading–a beaded crown. She’s wearing it in the photo above. Unfortunately it won’t stay put very easily and she’s allergic to bobby pins after our experience trying to affix her ballet recital tiara to her straight, glossy hair.

We traveled to Cincinnati this weekend with my family and had a terrific time. In addition to taking in the aquarium and children’s museum we stayed in a hotel with a pool, which was probably the little girls’ favorite part. Baby Worth took his first swim and, um, got a taste of his first food–chlorinated pool water. Yuck! Highlights of trip included my brother kindly securing a wheelchair for my grandfather in case he needed to sit, Granddad refusing to use it, then my daughter and niece hijacking it to ride around gleefully squealing “we’re old! We’re in a wheelchair because we’re old!” And being seated at dinner over a table of bachelorette partiers wearing plastic tiaras (and nose rings and glasses and t-shirts that involved the word “bitch”) who were identified by my smitten niece as real princesses. She wouldn’t take her eyes off them the whole night!

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  1. Renata, I so enjoy your posts. I read them while I am at work, and it makes my workday brighter. šŸ™‚ I hope to be half the mother you are. I may be picking your brain soon for info about all things baby.

  2. Shannon, isn't he big? I'm in denial. Dev's lovely anklet inspired Dorothy to hound me about making beaded things every single day between our zoo trip and last week when we finally did it.

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