A big deal


I had a birthday a couple days ago, and although I truly feel fine about being 34, for some reason the song stuck in my head all day Friday was Thunder Road–not the whole song, just the bit about “so you’re scared and you’re thinkin‘ that maybe we ain’t that young anymore.” But truly, I feel fine about where I am in life and that I’m 34. Show a little faith! (Thank you Bruce.) I had a great day with my family.

Today I’m at the sewing machine with Baby Boy in mind. He’s grown so fast almost nothing weather-appropriate fits him anymore, and I continue to be pretty unhappy with store-bought boy clothes (football, anyone?). I also can’t just head off to the thrift store and find good sewing fabric for him like I can for Dorothy. But luckily it doesn’t take much fabric to make baby clothes, even for babies the size of this one, so I journeyed to Joann last night and came home with a nice little selection to keep me busy for a few days. Today I made him a pair of shorts and a matching t-shirt. I don’t think the picture shows the detail on the shorts, but they turned out pretty cute. They are long, like surfer shorts, and I sewed faux pockets on the front and a useless but cute little front button for decoration. They fit nicely over his cloth diaper. The tee is an old onesie from Dorothy’s babyhood that I cropped to make a regular shirt (because I wouldn’t Worth to look dorky with a onesie tucked into his casual shorts) and then ironed on printer transfer paper. I created the transfer by scanning the shorts fabric and using it as a border for my text. It ain’t a beauty, but hey, it’s all right.

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