A sewing frenzy


We’re interviewing a couple new realtors before we decide what our next house-selling steps are, and the first one comes tomorrow. That effectively means that my time to mess up the house with thread and fabric snippets is coming to a close, so I’m in a frenzy of stitch-witchery over here, getting things really good and messy. (Until tomorrow.) Last night I made Worth this little puppy dog romper, based on the same pattern and the 4th of July one, but this one actually fits. It’s cute on and comes together quickly, but I do think the rounded straps look slightly feminine. If I get a chance to make another one I’ll probably square off the straps.

Then I made these sweet little shorts, which are deliciously soft and comfy, with more useless cute buttons. They also fit him nicely, but I’m a little worried the fabric won’t wash well. There is no way I’m ironing shorts for my 5-month-old.

And I finally finished this shirt for myself. It’s based on Butterick B4549, and it matches the brown skirt I made earlier in the summer. I shirred the tops of the sleeves to make it more flattering, and I finished all the edges in bias tape that I made from the scraps of the skirt, so it’s all matchy. I’d actually sewn the shirt a while back, but when I put it on there was a wicked sharp little edge jutting up from the zipper, which is under the arm, and it hurt. The shirt then lay on my sewing pile for a month or two, and now I finally sewed a little tab on that snaps over the sharp zipper so I can wear it.
On a completely different subject, I was reflecting on how quickly the last five months have gone, and how painfully slow were the nine before that. I just don’t love pregnancy. I’m so happy to be unpregnant now, yet in some ways the pains of pregnancy are still dogging me. All those magazines say it’s “perfectly normal” to get horrid brown spots all over your face while you’re pregnant, called “mask of pregnancy.” What they don’t tell you is that it’s also “perfectly normal” to spend a bunch of money on creams once your pregnancy is long over, trying to get rid of those same “normal” spots. And that breastfeeding helps you lose the baby weight–so long as you eat fewer calories than it takes to sustain your baby and maintain your current weight. Sigh…
But I love my baby!

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