Fall in the air


So the weather went cool this weekend, and all of the sudden my bright and fun summer bag no longer seemed appropriate. Yet I wasn’t fully ready to break out the fall colors (it was, after all, back to something like 97 today) so I pulled out a project from last summer. It’s bright, but the wooliness of the yarn makes it seem a little more fallish to me. Anyway, it made me happy to get it back out. I crocheted it out of odds and ends yarn last summer based on a pattern in Crochet Today.

We had a low-key but nice holiday weekend. Here is a picture of the kids in the yard, getting some good use out of their sunhats before we trade them in for the woolly kind. I have to admit that rather than enjoy the gorgeous weather, I spent a great deal of weekend time inside ogling tiny vintage campers online, which was totally fun in its own way, so I don’t actually regret it. 🙂 I think teardrop and other tiny (meaning 10 to 12 foot) camper trailers are just so cute. (Search for “teardrop trailer” on Flickr if you don’t know what I’m talking about!) I think we may buy one, and then I’ll have the fun of personalizing it, not to mention making great adventures with my little happy campers!

And last but certainly not least, here is my big preschooler all ready for her first day of school. She had a really great day. Highlights for her included walking across an alley to the playground in a herd (not holding any one’s hand!), building blocks, playing house with a panda toy, and being given a personalized cloth place mat at snack time that will be laundered and reused every day. My favorite quotes from her were, “the guinea pig was not as big as I expected. I thought it would be like a real pig,” and “guess what, Mom? We get to go back tomorrow!”

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