What this woman wants


Ok, so I know some women are really into jewelry. Me, I like jewelry, it’s fine, especially if I beaded it myself or if it was a gift. But if someone is going to spend money on me, jewelry is probably not where it’s at. This is currently a big joke in my house, as my tiny-little-camper lust intensifies. My husband and I laugh about how horrified I’d be if he, say, bought me a diamond bracelet instead of a vintage trailer. It would catch on my crocheting yarn, get mucked in my bread dough, scratch my baby’s head, and look terrible with my Old Navy t-shirts and Keen sandals. (Cue laughter.) But if he were going to get me a bracelet (and it were something I wanted), I’d probably go and get my nails done right before. But instead, I really want a little camper so my little troop of adventurers and I can go mobile. And this weekend we’re going to go look at one in Western Kentucky! And prior to the (possible) purchase, instead of a manicure, I went and had a hitch installed on my little SUV. Ta-dah! It looks solid, and it’s kind of exciting to think that we’re now tow-ready, if we decide to buy. If we don’t buy, at least we’ll have the hitch already, and we’ll surely have a fun excursion, hopefully not resembling our last mini-roadtrip adventure.

In further preparation, I’ve been investigating paint and fabric options for our wee, wheeled fixer-upper. I definitely think the exterior should be painted red, possibly with white polka-dots. And check out this terrific fabric for the inside, or this one. Who knew? Keen-wearing, bracelet-eschewing, cute-fabric-loving, adventure-seeking mamas who sew must be in such abundance that someone brilliantly created vintage camper fabric prints just for us. I feel so unoriginal, yet at the same time entirely pleased, because now I can buy one of these and stitch up some camper curtains!

In other news, Dorothy loves preschool. Her class goes Monday through Thursday only, and this morning at breakfast she asked me how many more days before she gets to go again. And we’ve shown our house twice this week, which means I’ve not had time to do much other than shuttle kids and plot my little camper kill. Still no buyer, but handful of recent showings is heartening.

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