All your camper are belong to us


Three sides are painted! The camper is looking so adorable in cherry red that I’m getting nervous about my planned embellishment.  I guess once I’m to that point I’ll just take a deep breath and do it, knowing I can always paint over it if it looks sillly.

photo courtesy of icesk8r on

How cute are these earrings?  I wish I’d made them, but I didn’t.  I found them on Etsy, and I’m going to have to forward this post to my husband so he’ll get them for me for Christmas.  Or mabye this?  Who said I wanted a hitch instead of jewelry?  I want camper jewerly!  🙂

And chocolate cupcakes!  The legend goes like this:  circa 1980 a four-year-old big sister was jealous of a new brother’s myriad baby milestones, whereas she only had a birthday once a year.  The girl’s wise mother told her that she, too, had more than one birthday–she had a half birthday that marked the six-month point in between regular birthdays, and they could have cupcakes to celebrate. So a tradition was born.  Now that little girl’s own little girl gets cupcakes on her half birthday, too.  (Ahem.) So these are the cupcakes Dorothy helped me bake and decorate on Tuesday, marking the important passage to 4-and-a-half.  I’m sorry to report that I caught her acting exactly like a 4-and-a-half-year-old; eating sprinkles right from the can during cupcake decorating, told her she had to stop, then saw her crawl under the table and hide for a moment, only to emerge with very red lips and the pronouncement, “the pink sprinkles are all gone!”  I didn’t let her decorate any more cupcakes, and she pitched a huge fit.  But we had a nice half birthday celebration anyway.

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