We went camping!


After several weeks of work we finally took our 1978 Fleetwing on the road.  We didn’t go far–just over 30 miles down the road to the closest state park we could get reservations at on a few days notice.  It turned out not to even be in the woods, but on a golf course behind a state attraction less than a mile from the little downtown area.  Not exactly the hiking venue we’d had in mind, but this was, after all, just meant as a trial for our camping set up.  We had a little trouble backing in to our spot, being towing neophytes, but our camp neighbors helped guide us in and we quickly set up. Dorothy “decorated” the hitch with acorns upon arrival.

Then she decorated our table bench with fall leaves.

I got things together in the little camper kitchen.

This picture shows scale.  Our camper was by far the smallest one there, no contest, and the only one that wasn’t white or offwhite.  (If you click on the photo it will enlarge and you can see it better.)  It was a real conversation starter.  “Oh, you all are the ones in the little red camper!”  That’s us, all right.

We walked around the campground in lieu of hiking.  Dorothy collected nature finds in the treasure box we brought along for that purpose.

There was an old school playground with a steep metal slide (wheee!) and these creepy clown swings.

Dorothy and I broke out the camper craft supplies and made some acorn people after our dinner.

Everyone got tucked in; Dorothy up, the rest of us down.  I was surprised that Dorothy actually slept the night through up there in the bunk.  We had a great time.  We’ve tent camped with Dorothy on several occasions, but she doesn’t remember any of them.  She was curious about the fire (“how will we unlit it when we’re done?”), was confused that all the wood had disappeared this morning (“did the fire melt it?”), roasted her own chicken sausage and marshmallow, and insisted that we take showers in the campground facilities this morning.  Traveling with a four-year-old is such a great reminder to savor every experience!  We had a great time.  We brought some things we didn’t need, and failed to bring a few things that would have been nice to have.  Now that we’re a little wiser we’re excited to try it again soon.

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  1. It just hit me…a new reality show: "The Little Red Camper." You provide crafty ideas, home decorating tips, children's crafts, swaddling lessons, cooking in a tiny space lessons, decorating with acorns 101…all from your little red camper. I would have a Tivo Season Pass in a heartbeat!

  2. Oooh! I'm with Shannon! You would be famous! 😉 And by the way – I'm impressed that Worth is still in the Miracle Blanket! Deac busted out of his around 4 months and hasn't looked back!

  3. Ha! You guys are funny. :)Autumn, Worth does still have to be swaddled but we never had a MB. I used a regular baby blanket until he got too big. At this point he's so big I have to swaddle him in an old sheet!

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