More tricks than treats

Our Halloween was not exactly as pictured.  First Dorothy, then Worth, then me, then Rob fell to a nasty stomach virus over the course of two days.  Today we’re all recuperating and working on the awful pile of laundry, but the last couple days weren’t pretty.  Dorothy still got to trick-or-treat a little bit in our own neighborhood (that was before the adults got sick), but we missed our ritual of pizza and trick-or-treat with the cousins, who went as the Princess and the Pea.
I’m glad I took my kids’ picture when the costumes arrived instead of waiting for Halloween.  They made adorable rats, even when sick.  I didn’t make these costumes–they are Old Navy costumes that I bought off eBay.  I could never make costumes for the price I got these for, and the Old Navy costumes are nicely made, washable, easy to put on and take off, and reused.  What more could you want?

Dorothy got a new pair of ruby slippers last week and I couldn’t resist a snapshot of the old with the new. She’s worn these little ballet-style shoes from Target ever since she was old enough to wear hard-soled shoes, and they have become a signature fashion item for her.  To the yellow brick road, anyone?

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