Carbs and a calendar


For various reasons that I cannot blog about yet, we have decided to take our house off the market next week. I don’t mean to be secretive (can one be secretive and have a blog?), but there is a Major Life Change coming to my family that simply cannot yet be discussed in public, but it effects our plans to move.  (It is, for the record, absolutely NOT a new baby.  So please don’t start rumors!)  After much pondering, heart-searching, bookkeeping, and discussion, we concluded that the house should either be sold or off the market by November 15, almost 11 months after the for-sale sign first went into our frozen yard last winter.  So I’ve been making plans for how to live in our current home better.  I’ve poured over the IKEA catalog, Craig’s List, fabric swatches and organization web sites.  I’ve plotted out which furniture we will keep, which will go, what needs to be moved around in order to make this little house work more efficiently for our family.  We also agreed to have a last-ditch open house, so we at least felt like we fought the real estate fight to the bitter end.  And I’m afraid it was bitter–I had already buried the idea of moving, and I did not want to clean and vacate the house on Sunday.  I left our spotlessly clean house with a very grumpy attitude.  Then a very surprising thing happened.  Our Realtor called and said she expected an offer from someone who came to the open house.  What? 

We’re trying not to get our hopes up, since the last time we thought an offer was pending things didn’t work out so well.  Still, it’s been three days and things seem to be progressing.  The potential buyer has been back, asked questions, reportedly gotten a mortgage pre-approval.  We’ll see.  A written offer is still pending.  I’m trying very hard not to dissolve into an emotional mess, but it’s tough.  Should I carry on with my plans to change our house?  Should I be scouring the real estate websites trying to find a house for us?  Should I quickly finish and wrap all my Christmas shopping in case a sudden move disrupts Santa’s progress?  Eek!  So everything feels up in the air, my stomach is quavering, I jump when the phone rings, and I’m craving (and eating) carbs.  The picture above is the first of two “cream” sodas I drank yesterday (in a glass Dorothy decorated).  Fill a glass with ice, then 3/4 full of plain seltzer, then a dash of vanilla syrup (like the kind coffee shops sell), then top it off with whole milk or cream.  Yum.  Sugar.


And while the real estate mess has been stressful, this totally made my day!  Mama Shell, of Shell Shares Recipes, sent me an amazingly fabulous calendar.  It’s twelve super-cool pages of illustrations of vintage campers and I love it!  My first thought was to put it in the camper, but then I wouldn’t get to see it as often, so it’s going in my own kitchen (wherever that may be?) so I can drool over how cute they all are every day.  Thank you Shell!

Crochet is perfect for fidgety, nervous fingers.  I’ve also found that I have three or four minutes each morning and afternoon to crochet while I’m waiting (parked) in the carpool line for Dorothy.  It doesn’t seem like a lot of time, but it adds up.  I just keep a project ready to pick up in the passenger seat.  I’d purchased this fun shiny coat this fall but wasn’t sure what kind of accessories to wear with something so…shiny.  I decided to go for contrast, so I ordered some really fuzzy alpaca blend yarn.  I like the fuzzy with the shiny, and the scarf and hat are warm and soft.  I didn’t use a pattern, they are both just very simple.  I made the hat big enough that it will (hopefully) just sort of sit down on top of my hair without squashing my curls.  It’s hard for curly girls to wear hats, but this really warm yet lightweight yarn should help.

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  1. Renata, I'm so glad the calendar brought you some joy in the stress you're experiencing at this time. My prayers are with you for God to work your house situation into just the perfect plan for you, Rob, Dorothy, and Worth. I know He will! Blessings,Shell

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