The waiting is the hardest part


Housing inspection tomorrow; the buyer needs everything moved away from the walls in the basement.  That’s rough, because our basement is crammed full of stuff.  Crafty supplies can unfortunately take up a lot of room, and we’ve been hanging on to miscellaneous stuff that we intend to put in our next (bigger) house, and it’s all been stashed in the basement.  In the midst of all the basement chaos I am intent on acquiring and wrapping Christmas gifts.  While it seems like one of the less pressing things we’ve got going right now, it is near the top of my mind.  Santa must be able to find us, wherever we are!  I typically do my shopping gradually, and I’d ordered a number of things just in the last week or so since it started looking like we’d be moving, so now most of our Christmas things are simply and hastily wrapped and sent off to Nana’s to hide in a closet until we need them.  Having at least one thing under control makes me feel a little better.

Dorothy and I also made spice cake (we skipped the pecans) from this month’s Cooking Light to celebrate selling the house.  I guess I overcooked the maple part of the icing a bit because it hardened too quickly and is more like fudge, but it still tastes good. It was nice to take the time for a mother/daughter project in the midst of all this housing hustle.

And speaking of the housing hustle, we still don’t know where we’re going.  I’m starting to, ahem, sort of lose my s#!$ about it, and I’m tired of waiting to know where my family is going to be sleeping next month.  The short version of the story is that we made a verbal offer on a house that is not for sale.  It is none of the ones I described in my last post.  As you might imagine, there is slightly more to the story than that, but I don’t feel like detailing in the blog.  I don’t want to live in the knives and lizards house (besides, did I mention the kitchen there?  Bleah!), the good memories house is overpriced, and the dilapidated charmer is really just too dilapidated.  We’ve been waiting since Monday afternoon to hear back, and at this point I’m jumping every time the phone rings.  I need to go back and read my own post about not wishing my life away!  But housing is a basic need, and even though I realize and am thankful that we are not actually faced with homelessness, with every box I pack in the basement I get more anxious about not knowing where these will be unpacked.  Please send me good housing vibes!

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