Black Friday skirt


I am not a big fan of shopping on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  When I was a kid we always spent the day out in the country at a farm belonging to family friends.  When my husband and I were first dating, we enjoyed the “cheap date” quality of milling with the shopping throngs and having lunch out, but now most years I’m happy to leave that scene alone.  All my Christmas gifts are Internet-order or handmade (sorry Toys R Us, but your cheap, bad-quality, made-in-China, creativity-sucking, ugly plastic crap just doesn’t do it for me, at any price or any time of day), and I have enjoyed spending this peaceful chilly Friday cozily alternating snuggling my ailing baby with working at my sewing machine. 

I bought some nice black jersey to make a skirt several weeks ago, but with all the real estate hoo-ha I hadn’t had time to put it together.  It was a bit hard to cut this project out with much of our square footage being sucked up in towers of packed boxes, but I’m glad I got it done so I can wear it over the holidays.  I based the skirt on Simplicity 2758, which is a pattern I’ve made (and blogged about) a number of times.  I like the cut of this skirt, and when I make it in stretchy knit I get to skip the zipper, making it that much easier to sew and leaving time for embellishment.  I serged the bottom of the ruffle to look a bit raw, and the overhanging lip of the main skirt panel is serged in the same way, which is inspired by the look of store-bought clothes I’ve admired lately.  In ten years we’ll wonder why we wore clothes that looked like they weren’t finished.

We woke to a dusting of snow here in Kentucky this morning.  I called Dorothy over to the window and she was utterly thrilled.  She had her snowsuit in her hand and was ready to go out and play in less than an inch of snow before I’d even poured my coffee.  Rob had to meet with a client so he couldn’t take her, and there was no way I was dragging my sick baby out into the cold, but I also hated to deflate Dorothy’s enthusiasm.  She was willing to wait until her father got back, but we knew the snow wouldn’t last that long, so I came up with an alternative solution.  I took a plastic container out onto the deck and scraped the snow off the railings and into the dish.  Then I gave my little housebound snowbird an assortment of measuring cups and kitchen utensils and she had a blast scooping, measuring and dishing the snow.  She crammed the snow tightly into an empty salt shaker and felt clever, like I’d never get it out, and my salt shaker would be inconveniently jammed with snow forever, right here in the warm house.  “How will you get the snow out, Mommy?  Will you have to use pliers or some scissors?”  Only time will tell, Dorothy…

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