The fun stuff


All over my house are signs of progress!  Or actually there are taped-up fabric “samples” I’ve printed off the internet and swathes of paint choices.  Here are some Heather Bailey prints I like for curtains and pillows in the living room, and we like the top shade of green.

The dining room, in which I’ll make curtains from this awesome old tablecloth.  Rob and I are both loving the bright shade of blue on the top, although we’d not expected to choose something with that much intensity.  He did ask if I was trying to bring the camper look indoors.  (I’m not, I’m just enjoying bright shades of blue right now!)

And the family room, which will be the same buttery yellow we’ve grown attached to in our last two houses.  I like the fabric print I had taped up here but we decided on a different one for the curtains, one that brings in punches of brown and black to tie in our mish-mash of furniture.  It’s very large-scale (think plate-sized flowers) and tropical, but this huge back room needs something big, bold, and warm. 

A friend of mine has a theory about interior house colors corresponding to the colors a woman likes to wear, but my history of using mostly fall colors inside (and on me) seems to be giving over to a new era of springs and summers in this house.  I’m excited about all the bright happiness, and I’m glad that all these choices are easy to change if we tire of them.  If we reach a day when we decide we simply can’t eat dinner in a robin’s egg blue room one more time, at least no wallpaper removal will be involved!

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