Winter days


I think every year my husband starts complaining about winter at about this time, and each year I’m surprised that winter is even in full swing already (wasn’t it just Christmas?) and then all of the sudden I get impatient for spring too.  I have to say, though, that I’m not as impatient this year.  For one thing I’m not horridly pregnant like last year, and for another it is just much easier to live in the present now that this move is over.  Without having to constantly put “real life” on hold to show the house or to spend so much time prepping for change it is easier to appreciate and even linger on each day.  One of the things I’ve been really enjoying this winter (besides my fireplace, have I mentioned that lately?) is this cookbook.  I got it for Christmas and it’s the best.  I love America’s Test Kitchen (I’ve blogged about my fierce devotion to Cooks Illustrated before) and I love the unaffiliated magazine Cooking Light, and this cookbook seems to be the best of both worlds.  The recipes have the reliability of Cooks Illustrated and the health aspects of Cooking Light.  Perfect!  Of course, some of them also have the fussiness factor and four-hours-later-dinner-is-on-the-table factor of CI, but that’s part of the journey, right?  I swooned over the vegetarian chili (with tempeh), scarfed up the cornbread, served the spaghetti and meatballs for Rob’s birthday, splurged on the oven fries, slurped the lentil soup, and changed my go-to bread recipe to their basic whole-wheat loaf. And I’ve only had the book since Christmas!  The only recipe I’ve tried but didn’t love was multigrain pancakes, which were dry, but I think I may have overcooked them.  In any case the red pepper frittata we ate with them was superb!

Could anything be sweeter than this?  Both of my kids somehow made it into my bed in the wee small hours a couple nights ago and I snapped this photograph of them in the morning.  I think they should always wear coordinating clothes because I’m surely more patient with them when I’m giddy over their matchy cuteness.  Rock star pajamas!  My sleeping angels.  This picture will keep me going next time they are irritated with each other and I’m feeling likewise toward them.

The house is still coming along.  The kitchen and dining room are shaping up and gradually other things are migrating to new, permanent homes.  Sometimes stuff doesn’t want to stay where you unpack it–it has to get moved around a bit before it settles.  I organized my serger thread in a lovely old cabinet that belonged to my grandparents and I think the colors are so pretty; it’s like a functional rainbow over in that corner of my family room.  I also purchased an old wooden ironing board at an antiques store so that I can leave it out in the family room and hope it looks more like furniture than something that is on loan from the basement.  I want all my sewing supplies to be out and accessible, but I don’t want my living space to look too utilitarian.  Hopefully I’ll figure that out.

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