Pillows and a lamp shade


I finally found time this weekend to finish the throw pillows I’d been working on for the sofa.  I used a really thick cording around the edges which looks nice but is such a pain to do that I may never do it again.  I broke four needles in the process and am making a mental note to use thinner cording in the future (if at all–what a pain). The pillows look pretty good but I don’t think I needed to put as much work into them as I did.  With such punchy fabric I could have just sewn very plain pillowcases and they’d have looked great. Now they are done, though, and I like them.  They are really comfy, too, because I sprang for nice, down-filled pillow forms.

I also worked up a lamp shade for the living room. I couldn’t find one that was just the right color so I bought a white one and painted it myself.  I mixed the blue paint from the dining room with the living room’s green shade to get just the right color.  The edging is more of the Pop Garden fabric I’ve used in the curtains and pillows. I don’t know what I did before I owned a bias tape maker.  Who new that such a small, inexpensive item could be so handy?

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