Spring jewelry


Lately I’m really taken by the Groupon-like website Heartsy, which offers deals from Etsy sellers.  The beautiful jewelry in the offers (some of which I’ve also purchased) has inspired me to get my jewelry-making supplies out. I’ve been taking apart jewelry that I made in the past and using the pieces to make “new” items that are more in tune with my current style and clothing selections.

I did purchase a few update supplies, such as 100 inches of this black chain and some matching black findings (the clasps, etc.).

The colors in this red and amber set were inspired by a necklace I wanted from a Heartsy offer.  I would have bought it but the deal sold out too fast.  I may still ask for the inspiration piece for Mothers’ Day or something, since mine really only resembles it in color.  The other had pretty handmade clay beads that I do not have the tools to make, plus I wouldn’t want to just flat out copy another design.  I do like my set in the same colors in the meantime.

I also put together some earrings to match.

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