Wooden Easter eggs


I bought these gorgeous eggs before my first married Easter. We were still setting up our little household and I wanted some non-hokey holiday decorations. I had previously seen Pysanky eggs at a display somewhere and I found that I could order a whole box of similar ones on eBay to be delivered right to me from some enterprising woman in the Ukraine. They were spendier than plastic ones, but they’ve been worth every penny. I don’t think they are considered true Pysanky eggs because they are wooden and appear to be painted rather than done by wax-relief, but they’re so beautiful and I love getting them out every year. I keep them in a glass bowl on my dining table.


This year I decided to use my Ukrainian eggs as inspiration for an Easter project with Dorothy. I showed her the eggs and told her a bit about them, then we made our own. Like the inspiration eggs, ours are made of wood. I first painted them a solid color, some with acrylics and some with the latex paint sample jars I’ve been collecting during our home renovations. Then we used permanent markers and acrylic paints to put on our designs. Ours are not as intricate as the Ukrainian eggs, but maybe the Ukrainian artists weren’t trying to paint just beyond the reach of an impatient toddler! Once the designs were finished and dry I sealed them with a high-gloss glaze. That made them look shiny like our Ukrainian eggs and it seems to have made them more durable, seeing as how they’ve hit the wooden floor any number of times thus far but don’t seem worse for wear. We only painted some of the wooden eggs I bought; it’s my hope to do this project for several years in a row and see how our skill progresses.

I’m also hoping this project excuses me from dying hard-boiled eggs this year because I secretly dislike that project. I think hard-boiled eggs taste and smell nasty and the project is so messy. Dying shirts is worth the mess because after the project is over you get a shirt. After you dye eggs you just have colored hard-boiled eggs which taste just as bad as the originals! Plus Dorothy already dyed some at school and at Grandma’s. Now I’m just justifying, because clearly I’m a bad mom who is trying to get out of dying Easter eggs.  šŸ™‚

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