Painting again


Watch out! My mom and I are wielding paintbrushes again. The guest room here has been acting as a great big closet and dumping ground since move-in and now I’m finally getting it into shape. Rob took down the wallpaper; I dragged boxes to their proper locations and put stuff away that was collecting in piles. Mom came to help and we puttied holes, sanded, and got the whole room primed.  Hooray!  Next up: buttery yellow walls. Watching the transformation from the old, unpainted walls to the fresh clean look of primer is amazing. Now I’m excited for the paint!

I feel like my son has been getting the short end of this blog lately. He’s always the little person in the way, and to be honest, that is often is role in blog-making projects. But in the rest of life he’s dear, and today’s remaining photos today are in celebration of his cute little ways.


…sometimes sleeps with his bottom up in the air.

…likes to play in mud but not the taste of it.

…uses nonverbal communication to make demands, looking ridiculously like a Baroque cherub painting. And

…cleans up pretty well.

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