Bins for sewing projects


Now that my new sewing machines are in I’ve been inspired to organize my sewing supplies and make room for the extra machine. When we moved in to this house I just plopped my sewing stuff into a corner in approximately the same configuration I’d had it all in our last house but that wasn’t really working here. One of the things I need is child-proof storage for projects I’m working on currently. I sew in our family room but store my fabric downstairs, so there has been some needless schlepping and pile-making without a good system in place for dealing with this. I’m hoping these buckets do the trick. I covered the labels on some old kitty litter totes with scrapbook paper and fabric swatches I’ve printed off the internet. I laminated and attached them with Xyron adhesive, but glue and clear contact paper would work too. I love these buckets and have used them for many purposes (and blogged about it once before) and I think this should help keep me operating smoothly and with reasonable tidiness.

I also made similar labels for some empty plastic pretzel jars. The jars are just the right size for holding trim, and they look kind of pretty with their new labels.

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