Our homeschool "classroom"


We start school Monday! I loved this house before we purchased it party for this cozy, cabinlike room tucked down in the basement. Touring houses almost two years ago I kept my eye out for the perfect space the kids and I could dedicate to our creative endeavors–a parent/child studio.  I’m kind of joking when I now call it our homeschool classroom; we’ll learn here, as we’ll learn everywhere. We do have a table and chairs set aside in this room for our morning circle and lessons. I’ve not gotten much use out of this room up to this point because it is, ahem, rather afflicted by water. Like the kind that is supposed to stay outside in heavy rains. Yuck. But we’ve made some changes to our gutters and are hoping to have some professional work done soon. Meanwhile, I’ve ditched the rug and repainted the floor and I’m hopeful that even with a little water we should be able to clean up and move on.

Since we’re going with painted concrete floors until the water problems are completely solved I thought I might as well have fun with the concept. I used exterior paint to make a big sun on the floor in front of our awesomely cozy (and functional) fireplace. On some wicked winter morning in a few months I will laugh at the snow and the cold outside, give thanks that I do not have to take my car on icy roads to participate in any kind of carpool, and will head down to our quilt-laden futon by the fire with a huge stack of good books, a mug of coffee, my kids and be happy.

New beeswax crayons.

Paintings move from the easel to our art line.

A thrift-store mirror and some hooks turn our dress-up box into a full station.

Tools of the trade…

And one snapshot of my garden, to represent that our “classroom” is actually much bigger than our basement studio. This is going to be an adventure! Hopefully one that is fun. I’m excited.
Wishing you and yours a happy start to the school year as well!

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