Pressed flowers and crocheted socks


Dorothy and I pressed flowers as a school craft. I don’t think I’d pressed flowers since I was in high school. It’s one of those things, I think, where I’ve seen supplies at crafty places and gotten suckered into the idea that it’s just a craft for people who have the right gear, which is just silly. Pressing flowers requires only a stack of heavy objects. We have those. We used cardboard to lay out the petals and another piece to lay over them.

After two weeks under the heavy objects (books, in our case) we had beautiful pressed blossoms, which we adhered to cards using rubber cement. This was a pretty and satisfying craft for both of us, and it was fun to count down the days until the flowers were done.

I also finally finished my second pair of crocheted socks. I made socks from this pattern right before Worth was born and loved them so much I knew I needed more.  Then Rob got me yarn for our seventh wedding anniversary, from which I made a hat and started socks. But since I have other things to do (ahem) and have not been too inspired to make wooly socks during the warmer months it took me a long time to finish these. The recent chill has me crocheting again so I finally pulled this project out and finished it up.

I have every reason to think I’m going to love these socks as much as the first ones. This is a great pattern–the small size fits me perfectly, and they are so warm and comfortable. The other pair is my go-to comfort strategy when I come inside on cold or wet days. After we moved to this house with the fireplace I’d put on these socks and sit in front of the fire–domestic heaven! Now I’m prepared for winter weather with this cheerful new pink pair.

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