A knooked hippie hat

We went on vacation last week to New Orleans and to Orange Beach, Alabama. It was such good fun that it was even worth the total wreck it has now made of my house. I’m not sure how it is that returning from travel can destroy a house so quickly, but it can. Something about the laundry and the picnic supplies and the tired. I’ll catch up sometime. (When I’m dead? I hope not.) I’ll post photos after I have a minute to sit down and comb through all, um, 825 shots that I took on the trip. (I’m afraid that’s no typo.)
In addition to all the sightseeing, swimming, and keeping my kids from drowning that I did on vacation I also finished my next knooking project. I used this pattern but in a funky rainbow print. It’s going to be my cure for second-day hair this winter. The final project is more hippie than my mental image of it was, but it’s kind of fun. I’d hate to get stodgy anyway.  🙂 The Knit Picks Chroma yarn is deliciously soft and comes in other colorways–I’m tempted to come up with a project just to use more of this yarn. The pattern translated easily from knitting to knooking, so now I’m really gaining confidence. I ordered a set of knooking hooks from eBay, but they have to ship from China so who knows when they’ll get here. I purchased the crappy set that Wal-Mart sells, but the hooks are so rough that they must be sanded before they can be used, and the shape of the hook makes me unhappy–it is difficult to use. I’m hoping a good retailer picks up on the need for good knooking hooks soon and makes more metal ones. The locker hook I posted about earlier is the easy to use but only comes in one size.

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