Working on the interior


No time for a real post, but I have to share some photos of the progress I’m making on sewing for the interior. Some of you saw the teaser to this post on Facebook–the photo I paid my daughter $1 to pose for, under a wool blanket in the heat!

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  2. I am looking at campers now, and I found one with veneer. Is painting on veneer difficult, or did you want to maintain the wood’s integrity? You are so creative, it’s inspiring!

    • Thanks! Wood veneer interior is more valuable than the the vinyl faux stuff in later trailers, and honestly I wouldn’t paint it for that reason. On my last trailer I had the vinyl and I painted it with a good all-surface primer underneath, but on this one it’s real wood veneer and I would not paint it for re-sale value, and also because I think the look of the real wood is just pretty and authentic. We sanded and used a stain to look similar to the original, then used a poly sealer to protect. Happy shopping!

  3. Excellant workmanship. I’m impressed with your efforts on maintaining the original wood and giving it a new life.

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