A crocheted shawl


I recently finished this crocheted shawl for myself. I don’t even remember how long ago I started this project–maybe 18 months ago? I kept it in my car to take in with me when I needed something to do in waiting rooms or boring places. Then I lost the paper pattern I’d printed from the internet and abandoned the project for a while, searched on Ravelry but couldn’t find it again, then finally came back to it and decided I was just going to need to figure it out or frog it, so I figured it out.

Next the project sat in a bin under my sewing table for another month or so while I put off weaving in the ends (oh procrastination!), until one chilly morning recently I realized I needed it because there was yogurt or something smeared on the only cardigan I owned that matched my dress, so I threw it on as it was and wore it off to my Sunday School, where I sat quietly and wove in the ends in the back row.


It’s a good weight and has a nice drape. I used cotton yarn from Knitpicks–I think this one. I fastened it with my husband’s tie bar because that was what I could find in a hurry, but I think I have some of my Grandma’s vintage pins somewhere that would look nice on this. I’ve been on a Jane Austen kick lately so the completion of this project is well-timed; maybe I’ll put it on while I have my afternoon coffee and daydream away my worn house-slippers and my crayon-stained wall as I watch out the window for Mr. Darcy…

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  1. It’s a really beautiful shawl. Could you provide the pattern for it? I’d like to make one for my grandma for Christmas 🙂

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