A rainbow cowl


cowl1(Photo credit to six-year-old Dorothy.)



I have a beautiful cranberry-colored cowl that a friend made me. I wear it with all my fall-hued clothes to dress up the long-sleeves-and-jeans look that is a staple in my mama wardrobe. I love it so much that I decided I needed one to match my primary color shirts too. I bought this Chroma yarn in Lollipop, which is soft and lovely. I decided against using a pattern, since this yarn colorway makes one by itself. I just measured the dimensions of the one I love and knitted (knooked) this one in the round to those measurements (9 inches tall by 12 inches wide), with about an inch of ribbing at each end. This is definitely one of those projects where everyone who sees me asks if I made my scarf–because they don’t exactly sell rainbow things for grown-ups at Target–but I’ll take it as a compliment because I love it! It’s warm and cozy and cheerful too, perfect for February.

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