In which I admit that girl clothes are a little more fun…


Which is nice, because I’m going to be making more of them!

My 20-week ultrasound went beautifully well today. Baby seems perfect and healthy.

This is how I told the kids.

balloon-box pink-balloonsDorothy squealed like a crazy girl. Worth was like “balloons? You got us balloons? Are some of them mine, and do we get to play in the box?” He has his priorities.

Now I’m girl clothes shopping (I kept no clothes from Dorothy’s babyhood), yarn shopping, fabric shopping. Fun! I’m going to re-do all the fabrics on our little mini crib and the nursing pillow and all the little baby accoutrements, so now I’m let loose to find just the perfect ones. I’m kind of loving the Love & Joy fabrics by Dena Designs.  If you click on this one, then you can look below the fabric to see all its coordinates. I know I use aqua and red too much but I just love it. And birds are so trendy–they will look just as 2010 some day as sunflowers now look 1990s–but I still like them, and her little crib bedding doesn’t need to be stylish forever. Plus our bedroom has kind of a bird thing going, and she and her little crib will be in there. Fun, fun!

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  1. Congratulations. Great way to tell your other children, they are getting a sister. The photo is adorable.
    I laughed aloud when you mentioned the sunflower craze of the 90’s. Hopefully we won’t all feel that way about birds in a few years. I love birds and for littlies you can’t go wrong with little birds. The fabric you have chosen is very pretty. Looking forward to seeing your Nursery creations and wee little lassies clothes. 🙂

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