The time has flown since Christmas! Daphne was a bit fussy but we had a good holiday. Dorothy got a book of sewing projects made from socks and collected all our cast-offs to get started. She made a little toy for herself  and one for her brother on the first afternoon. Cute!

Daphne wore a dress I made her on Christmas. She was adorable even if all the activity made her a bit love to see her in the little things I made before she was born, such as her dress and shoes. My grandma made the pretty Christmas quilt she’s lying on.

home-teamAfter Christmas Daphne donned the home team spirit-wear handed down from her older brother and sister. I think I’d made the little cap for her brother. Her team lost the big game but she looked sweet anyway!

January always seems to fly by. We’re getting back into our activities, reorganizing a bit to make things run more smoothly. New chore charts on the fridge for the big kids (thanks to Etsy for some really cute customizable and printable ones), some desk reorganization, prepping for the upcoming birthday season (Rob, Worth, Dorothy, the two grandfathers and both my nieces have first quarter birthdays), and a full line-up of homeschool field trips and Girl Scout activities have us running around full time. Now that I can find everything on my desk again hopefully I can snap some photos of the projects we’ve been working at as we’ve had the chance. Happy new year to all!



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