And speaking of woodland creatures, a bag



As a third-time Mom I feel like I have very specific needs as far as bags go. I don’t want to carry a diaper bag, because that’s so 2006 for me, but at the same time I simply must carry, well, diapers. So I like to carry one large bag that can serve as my purse and my assorted-kid-and-baby-crap bag all in one, and it must have many pockets, an outside easy-access pocket for my cell and keys, and both handles and a shoulder strap.

As you can imagine, I sometimes have trouble finding exactly what I’m looking for. I found this decorator-weight fabric last spring when I was looking for something else, and I decided it wanted to be my new of using a pattern, I just kind of created the bag I wanted. I measured to figure out how big it needed to be to serve all my needs, then made a basic, box-shaped bag with a zipper top, a lining, and many, many pockets. I sewed a removable pouch of the same exterior fabric that contains all my diaper-change gear, so on the rare occasions Miss Baby and I go separate ways her little tote can stay with her and I can be off with a lighter load. Perfect! Just don’t call it a diaper bag or we’ll fight. 🙂


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