A travel mirror



I frequently wear my hair up and get irritated in hotel rooms when I can’t check the back of my head. I love my Eddie Bauer toiletry bag because it’s so well-designed and sturdy and perfect–there are some classics that don’t need much improvement. But the one flaw is that it lacks a decent mirror. The teeny one that is attached to the kit with hook-and-loop tape is surprisingly hazy, and only shows part of the back of my head at best. I did some shopping for a mirror I could just slip into my new auxiliary travel bag that holds bulkier things like brushes, but it seems that all mirrors are either a) too large to be portable, b) too fragile to be portable, or c) too small to see the whole back of my head.

Then I was at the Dollar Tree the other day and I saw that they have surprisingly clear mirrors of a decent size for, you know, a dollar. So I bought one and decided to turn it into a travel-safe mirror. I popped the glass out of the plastic housing it was in and glued it to really sturdy piece of davey board cut just a little larger. Then I cut another piece of davey board the same size to make the other side of a little padded travel mirror portfolio. The board and the fabric give the glass protection, a hook-and-loop tab serves as a way to hang it from my travel bag in a hotel room, and then closes it all up securely when it’s time to go. I used Waverly’s Starry Eyed Peackock fabric to match the new luggage tag I posted a few weeks ago.

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