Gloves, again


oatmealgloves1 oatmealgloves2

Do you want to know how to feel like an idiot? Here’s one way. First, you make really pretty brown mitts for yourself and blog about them. Next, you lose the gloves the first time you actually wear them. Finally, you keep asking people if they’ve seen your brown gloves, because you are missing a pair, and listen to them say, “you mean the ones from your blog?” Because I promise, then you will feel like an idiot. Yes, I made gloves. Yes, I blogged about them. Yes, I lost them. I am an idiot.

I’m still in hopes that the brown gloves will turn up eventually, but in the meantime the temperature is dropping and I really do want mitts to wear with my orange coat. I was out of the nice brown merino I made the first pair from, but a friend just sent a bag of hand-me-down yarn and there was some soft acrylic in a nice oatmeal color, so I found a simpler (quicker, larger gauge) pattern and made a new pair of mitts. I didn’t put long cuffs on these, and they only took a couple hours per glove. Now I feel slightly better in that I have gloves again, but still sort of mad in that I wasted four hours of my week re-making myself gloves when I’m actually supposed to be working on Christmas gifts. A warm idiot is better than a cold idiot, right? Oy!

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