Early snow


snowWe had our first snow day of the year! We take the day off school if our neighbors do, because it just doesn’t seem fair not to. I think I’m going to like snow days this year because all children old enough to want to play in the snow are old enough to play in the snow by themselves while I sip coffee and watch over the toddler inside the warm house. It seemed a little odd to be hauling out the snow gear in November (this is Kentucky, not Vermont!), but at least last year’s sturdy boots still fit.


After my rosy-cheeked big kids finished their snow man and their hot chocolate, they turned a big box into a car. How is that a big box can be more fun than any toy?

10687065_10205313835111208_1337218845321174890_nAnd a little homeschool funny. Dorothy was asked to think about a time she’d been given a chance, or if she couldn’t think of one, to write a note to her teacher about a chance she’d like to be given. Apparently she couldn’t think of an opportunity she’d already had (really?!), so she wrote this to me: “Dear Mommy, I would like to not have so much school work or I want a coupple [sic] days off once in a while. I would also appreciate it if I could do more reading than school work each day. I would totaly [sic] like it if we could do more science and more work-book stuff than curriculum stuff. I love you and hope all of these changes will happen. Sincerely, Dorothy.” She giggled like a fiend while I read it, which meant that it was ok for me to laugh too. Imp! She basically is saying, “I’d like you to leave me alone to read my own books, or for school I’d like to do just the parts where I read, you read to me, or we do review. I don’t want to answer questions about the reading or learn mathematics.” Nice. And if you’re laughing now too, you’re welcome. 🙂

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