A cozy new year




Happy 2015, my friends!

We’ve had such a fun, jam-packed, busy holiday break we’re going to take another week off. This relaxed Monday morning (the first relaxed morning in weeks, it seems) feels like a great time to be a homeschool mother. While I’ve been socializing and gift-exchanging and catching up with friends I’ve also been doing some knitting this break. I saw this Vite Cowl pattern on a friend’s Pinterest page and decided to work it up for myself. I had a little trouble settling into the pattern, and pulled out and re-started the first leaf three times, but once I completed the first repeat the rest of it went very quickly.

I used KnitPicks’ Brava Bulky yarn, which is a very inexpensive, soft, versatile acrylic I stock in a variety of colors for my kids to use on art projects. I had accidentally purchased an extra skein of Pea Pod, so it was on hand. It seemed like a win-win when I decided to use it for the pattern because I’d use up some extra yarn and spend nothing on a little fun project for myself, but now that it’s finished I wish I’d gone ahead and bought a nicer  yarn with more body. This yarn is so soft and drapey that the cowl wants to sag down in front and lose stitch definition. There is no point in knitting leaves if they don’t show up. All the same, it’s a pretty green scarf either way, and a bright, cheery, and warm way to start January.

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