My sewing space



This is my sewing space. It’s in the corner of our family room, to the side of the fireplace and not far from the sofa. It’s right in the middle of everything. If it gets messy, it shows. But if I have five minutes to sit down and start cutting something out, it’s right there. I don’t have to go to a separate part of the house, but can just float by and check in for a few minutes. My antique ironing board is tucked up against my Grandma’s old desk, in which I store threads and notions. The kitty litter bins under the table hold projects in progress. A little box on the table holds scissors, rulers, pencils, and the manuals to my sewing machines. The shelves hold buttons, patterns, pins, bobbins, and my knitting and crochet hooks. My embroidery machine sits on top of the little cart tucked in the side, which also holds pattern books and notions. I love my sewing space and it is beckoning to me today!

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