And mitts to match


mittsSo after I finished the edge-of-lace hat from my last post, I worked up some mitts based on the cuff pattern associated with the hat. I did the cuff in the lace, then just continued on up and added a basic thumb. They were really pretty, and they used up the last of the purple yarn I used on the edges, and they didn’t fit. I have particularly small hands, and when I tried to wear them out they fell right off my hands. Sigh.  But they look nice on my neighbor, and I like my neighbor. 🙂 So I made myself more mitts but didn’t try the edge of lace pattern again. I needed fewer stitches in mitts made from this thick, sturdy multi-colored yarn, so I just up one more (small!) pair in a very basic pattern that was easy to make smaller and added the cable pattern up the front for visual interest. The trim yarn doesn’t exactly match the hat, but it coordinates. And they don’t fall off, which is really one of the most important features in mitts!

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