Marialis Scarf





Another One-Skein Wonder project! This is the Marialis scarf from the Designer book. I made it out of Knitpicks sock yarn, Felici I think, but it was a close-out color that had been in my stash a while. I don’t like to knit scarves (had only knitted scarves for children) because I can crochet them so fast and scarves are boring, but I really wanted to try one of the lacy, lightweight yarn patterns that had been catching my eye. I finished this in two weeks and literally picked it up and knitted one repeat every time I had a chance to sit down. Load the dishwasher–knit a repeat! Bath a child–knit a repeat! Feed the dog–you get the idea! I took to shouting out numbers after every repeat, just so I could know I was making some progress. It was totally arbitrary, because the pattern just says to “knit to desired length,” and I ran out of yarn at about the right length, but it was a mental boost to count my repeats. Even baby Daphne started called out “yeah!” along with my other kids to cheer me on when I yelled a number. This game was probably the only thing that got me through the whole thing, because now I can confirm that I don’t like knitting scarves. It’s just boring.

Anyway, this one was worth the trouble. The pattern is very pretty and the yarn is soft and warm around my neck. The sock yarn has a lot of nylon in it, I think, so the lace has  tendency to curl up a little against my warm skin and not lay out flat like I blocked it, but it still looks nice. The color pattern of this yarn worked really well with this lace, which was just luck but made me happy.

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