Over-socks for under boots


booties booties2I have a footwear problem. I have a 7-and-a-half size foot, but some boots only come in whole sizes. So my comfy shearlings and my waterproof wellies are just a wee bit big. I decided I needed some nice thick slipper-socks to wear over my regular socks, both to keep my feet extra warm and to improve the fit of my boots. I used this free pattern for chunky slippers, and bulky wool-blend yarn. I made the pattern a little smaller, with both 2 fewer stitches around the foot, and 1 inch less in length, because my foot is on the small end and because I wanted them to be snug over my socks and not bunch up inside my boots. The pattern knitted up very quickly and the idea was a success. As I was knitting them, I couldn’t help thinking “there is probably something like this at Target and I could just buy them and find out that they bunch under my boots without going to the trouble of knitting them myself!” but actually I don’t think I could have found something comparable in a small size and a wool blend. And they don’t bunch up, so hooray! I’ve worn them under both my pairs of slightly-too-big boots, and they are perfect. They also improved the warmth of my wellies, which aren’t really insulated snow boots but serve as such for a Kentucky girl like me.

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