A feather in my cap


2015-03-20 21.15 2015-03-24 12.15 feather hat1Please forgive the cell-phone selfies here. I’ve got several hat projects I want to share, and if I wait until my husband or daughter want to play photographer with my real camera I may  never get them recorded.

I fell in love with this hat in the spring catalog KnitPicks sent out. I’ve never ordered a whole project kit before, but I very nearly did this time. I ordered the accent yarn colors just as KnitPicks suggested, but chose bare yarn (Stroll sport in this case) instead of the white they called for. I made a few changes to their pattern. First, I subtracted one repeat from their hat width and cast on my fewer amount because hats are always too big on me. Then I knit (knooked, in my case) the arrow/feather thingy right into the hat instead of completing the hat and then double-knitting it on as they suggest. Then, when I finished the hat I realized it was way too long, so I yanked half of it back out and re-knit the decrease section without a plain knit row between each decrease. I never checked my gauge, so mine may be a bit on the large side, but I think it would have been too long in any case as written. Anyway, I’m glad I went to the trouble of getting the fit right because I really like the hat. Although the pattern is called “arrowhead,” I think it looks like a jaunty feather stuck in an otherwise typical slouchy hat. I love the colors for spring. I wore it out today and got compliments on it.

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