Happy Halloween!


halloween card 2015_edited-1 wandplay wandplay2 hedwig

Happy Halloween! I had nothing to do with the kids’ costumes besides online shopping, but I would still like to share them here. The kids themselves are homemade, right? And I took the pictures! I try not to act too excited when my kids tell me they want to wear coordinating costumes because I’m afraid if they had any idea how much I like the idea they would decide against it. The big kids have been into Harry Potter since last spring. Worth says he is not Harry Potter but Oliver Wood the quidditch captain, which sounds about right. Dorothy is Hermione, and Daphne is Harry’s owl Hedwig. The kids begged for costumes in the late summer so I went ahead and bought them then. We made a deal that if they decided to wear anything else they’d have to choose from the dress-up bin (no more purchases) and that they were going to pose nicely when the costumes were new so that I got my picture whether they stuck with their Potter plan or not. Now it seems they actually are all on board to wear the costumes Saturday (you should hear Daphne hoot!) and I get to relax and drink hard cider with our neighbors instead of chasing my little wizards around trying to get photographs because I’ve had these since August! I made the little card to send to our family. Have a great Halloween weekend!

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