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Camper tee shirts


Not much time for craftiness around here the last couple weeks. We’ve had good times with out-of-town guests, not such good times with the appliance repairman, and now we’re dealing with a leaky basement. Life does come in seasons, doesn’t it? But I’ve been enjoying my children in the camper shirts I designed and bought from Cafe Press.

Worth dripped water down the front of his right as I asked to take his photo, so that makes it more realistic, right? Somewhere just beyond the photo is the huge stack of books that has been building every day when the mailman brings more parcels. I’ve been ordering first grade supplies like crazy this last week. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned it on the blog, but we decided to continue to homeschool. We applied to and were accepted into a public school program we felt good about, but we decided that homeschooling just works best for our family. We aren’t anti-school and we aren’t really anti-any of the other things that many people try to avoid by homeschooling–we’re just really in favor of our comparatively relaxed, family-centered life and we didn’t want to give it up. I’m looking forward to the start of school like a kid myself, and Dorothy and I play a game where she sneaks off and pours over the new books that are coming in, and I pretend to be mad because she’s not supposed to see them until school starts.

The only crafty thing I’ve done recently is these lamp shades. We just purchased a new fixture for our dining room but weren’t pleased with the shades available for the lights. (Ecru anyone? Or do you prefer off-white? Not in my house…) I sponged watered-down crafts paint onto the bland shades and now they are beautiful and colorful and go with my house. I’m just waiting on my hubby and father-in-law to install the thing so I can pop the shades on and post a picture of the final product.

An impromptu crafty yard sale


Ok, this is not normally what I do on this blog, but today something sad happened. My sewing machine died! I bravely took my screw driver and tried to investigate the problem, but (not being a sewing machine repair person) I really can’t tell. It’s an inexpensive machine so it’s likely not worth fixing though I may try. Right now the needle is still sunk into a tote bag I was working on so I’m going to have to figure out how to get that out in any case. In the meantime, I’m going to use this opportunity to sell some stuff I don’t really need and see if I can get money to just buy a better machine.

If you want to buy something just message me. I can ship for the cost of shipping if you’d like or if you’re local we can work something out.

First, I will sell the jewelry I made two weeks ago and just make more for myself. $15.00 for the green pendant necklace and matching earrings, $20.00 for the red and amber set, and I think I’d have to charge $40.00 for the blue because those are really expensive beads (I bought them when we were DINKs, and I think they actually may have been that price for just the beads!).

This is a needle-felted flower. It’s 4.5 inches from leaf tip to leaf tip. I will glue it to a headband or attach a pin clasp at no additional cost, or you can use it for something else as it is. I safety-pinned it to my gray wool coat once and loved it, then forgot all about it. $7.00.

Cotton batik purse. 12 inches at widest point. Fully lined, velcro closure. Never used.  $15.00.

Tote bag. Made from cotton upcycled from a never-used body pillow cover. Velcro closure. 15 inches wide, which is just the right size for carrying a standard-size notebook or a small load of groceries. $7.00.

Baby hat. 7 inches wide, I think it would fit about a 6 month old. (It is too small for Worth, though he has a particularly large head.) It is made from yarn that was gifted to me, but I would guess it to be a wool blend, though it could just be a better-quality acrylic. $5.00.

Last but not least, this is a fall-colors scarf. It’s really pretty and I should go outside and take a better picture of it but I’m too lazy. I paid $25 for the really yummy wool, so I’m asking $40.00 for the scarf. It’s not been blocked yet but I’ll block it if you buy it!