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The sad story of a broken camper window


We recently took Little Red on a very fun camping trip with some friends. In preparation for our weekend I took one of our camper windows, which had cracked over the winter, to a local glass place to have it replaced. I was a little worried about removing the window but it unscrewed easily. I hung cardboard in the empty spot and hoped for no rain during the time the window was out. Fortunately, the glass was replaced very quickly and without great expense. I felt so DIY-empowered. Until I went to rehang the window…

at which point I apparently over-tightened the screws and cracked the new window in two places. Ouch. And it really wasn’t in the time or money budget to try it again, so I duct-taped the broken window and went camping with it like that. Given the amount of foot traffic our camper generates in a campground I have to admit it was a little embarrassing to have so many eyes on my paint job and duct taped window, but what’s a girl to do? At least the tape job seems to be watertight; our camping trip involved heavy storms (followed by lots of mud for the children to play in–lucky kids!) but the window and tape held up. One of our camping friends snapped this photo of all of us in front of our petite camp residence du rouge.

We met up with three other families on this trip and had an excellent time. All the kids banded together to form their own little tricycle gang and I’m not sure my own kids will ever be happy camping with just our family again. One of my favorite parts of the trip was when a nearby camper stopped by to chat and told me she’d snapped a photo of my camper and put it on Facebook. Funny! Maybe her photo will get back to me somehow.

I took a crochet project with me to keep my hands busy around the campfire. I’d seen this cotton yarn in the “cottage” colorway recently on Knitpicks and thought they must have made it just to go in my kitchen. The reds and blues and yellows look just right with my Pop Garden Paisley Ice curtains. I bought some inexpensive white cotton bar mops and am crocheting borders on them in the bright yarn. I’m currently working on my third in the four-pack. I’ve done two borders from this book and improvised the other. I was a little worried that the color of the yarn would fade as soon as I washed these in hot water with my other dishcloths but I’ve been pleasantly surprised so far. The yarn seems to be holding its color really well after the first couple washes.

If you are wondering why my stove knobs are missing then a) you are very perceptive, and b) you must not have a two-year-old. They are in a basket on the counter at a height only reachable by grown-ups.

A very exciting trip

For the first time since preschool began in the fall, I really can’t wait for it to end.  Dorothy has had a great experience but the commute is getting to me.  I’m tired of trying to schedule all of our family’s living around the picking up and the dropping off.  I’m increasingly plagued by the annoying feeling that I can never get anything done, which must mean my priorities are off somewhere.  At this point I’m thinking that the problem is the prioritization of sending my kid to a great school on the other side of town, and I know how to fix that.  I’m glad we’ve chosen to homeschool next year so our lives and our learning can be more seamless.  In the meantime we’re making do with weekends, like this Saturday when Noah’s Ark and my sewing project collided, creating a brand new playscape and a cozy scene.  It was neat the way the toy took on a whole new creative dimension after I’d scooted the sofa over and spread out my work–the animals took on completely new existences. I’m finally working on the yellow quilt for Dorothy’s room that occasioned the purchase of many yellow-toned sheets almost a year ago, when we were still playing the real estate game and day-dreaming of living in our current house (wallpaper and all).

My household now includes (cue ominous music) a walking toddler.  He took steps the day before his birthday, apparently feeling the pressure of that milestone–or perhaps all the overheard whispered conversation about what an early walker his sister was.  In any case, he’s a full-fledged across-the-room walker now, and wow is that dangerous. I’m so tired of replacing all the contents of my drawers that I went to the hardware store and bought an entire can of bungee cords and have been attempting to babyproof with them.  They actually work pretty well on places like these.  I have to make sure I don’t get them on there too tight because I don’t want to put stress on the cabinetry, but they do seem to be deterring the marauding child for a whileand I didn’t have to screw in any complicated locking mechanisms.  (P.S.  Stay tuned for a future before and after in which those kitchen cabinets become white!)

Also this weekend we took advantage of a Monday preschool holiday to take a one night getaway with our extended family.  In honor of Dorothy’s upcoming birthday we journeyed to her idea of Paradise–the Great Wolf Lodge outside Cincinnati. We went there once before, as a sort of consolation prize to her after a summer spent watching a newly-pregnant Mommy lie on the sofa in nauseous misery, and she’s talked about the experience ever since (the Lodge experience, not Mommy’s pregnancy–ha). I’m on their e-mail list so I know when they have good rates, and I really do think it is a worthwhile trip for the money.  It’s not too far from home, not as overwhelming as a large park would be, and holds just the right amount of child-sized pleasures to keep a kid Dorothy’s age happy for a short trip. From the discovery of the complimentary child shower gel to the wolf mascot’s bedtime story, the experience kept a smile on Dorothy’s face for 24 hours straight.  (And did I mention that all her doting grandparents went?  Lucky girl!)

I wasn’t sure what baby brother’s take on the excursion would be, but after a short hesitation as he explored the splashing water he seemed to enjoy himself as well.  We had to keep his stumbling little zombie steps from carrying his chubby baby legs out into deep water!

Unrelated, if anyone else likes embellishing t-shirts for themselves or kids, Old Navy is having a spring stock-up sale right now that involves good prices ($4 and $5) on solid-colored tees.  These shirts are much better for crafting than the ones sold at craft stores because they have a more flattering shape and are softer.  They won’t last forever, but do you really need them to?  They are comfortable and cheap!  Now I’ve got a whole bag full of future t-shirt projects waiting.